Art project – Case Moth Cocoon

Pair of Case Moth Cocoons
January 18th, 2016

During the Christmas break I worked on a small sculptural project I’ve been wanting to do.

Using my supply of material offcuts I worked at recreating a fascinating form found in nature, the Case Moth cocoon. 

Case Moth Wikipedia

Case Moth (Photo via Wikipedia).

The Psychidae, (more commonly know as the Case Moth or Bagworm) makes its home by silking together found materials such as twigs and leaves to make amazing sculptural forms. I remember discovering them in my garden as a child in Australia and be fascinated!

I enjoyed working with different materials to build up an interesting texture.  Here I used hand dyed netting, raw wool and hand printed metallic leather offcuts from my accessories work in the studio.

As with most of my work, I celebrate the small, overlooking things in our natural world and the lush textures and forms all around us.

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